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With Sure Immigration as the mother company of Temp Work Solutions, we can offerprofessional assistance to temporary foreign workers, students, and employersconcerning their immigration requirements. Our expert immigration consultantswill assist you with the step-by-step process to make your Canadian immigrationexperience a happy one.


BC Provincial Nominee Program(Application for Permanent Residency) - The province of British Columbia can nominateforeign nationals such as healthcare professionals, skilled workers,international graduates, and international post graduates, to work and applyfor permanent residency in Canada, particularly in British Columbia. Thisprogram aims to gain a sufficient number of skilled and qualified people toaddress the labor market requirements that will, therefore, drive growth to theeconomy of the province.

BC PNP has several immigration programs under these three pathways:

Skills Immigration

Using a points-based invitation system, Skills Immigration is designed for skilled and semi-skilled workers from most in-demand jobs. Some of the categories under this stream may not require previous work experience.

Express Entry BC

If you are a qualified skilled worker, the Express Entry BC stream can be your faster way to immigrate to British Columbia. You will need to register and apply online. This also makes use of a points-based system to choose the candidates eligible to receive Invitation to Apply (ITA). Relevant work experience is among the requirements.

Entrepreneur Immigration

If you are an entrepreneur and you plan to invest and you have the necessary skills and knowledge in managing a business that can support economic growth in British Columbia, then you can consider applying for permanent residency in the province through this program. 

To learn more about the BC PNP pathways, click here

Other Immigration Services:

LMIA Application

This is an important document that allows a Canadian employer (either a citizen or a permanent resident) to hire a foreign worker. As an employer, you must receive and give a copy of the positive LMIA to the prospective employee to begin the work permit application. You must be successful in proving your need to hire the foreign worker and your inability to find a local employee that fits your requirements or that is willing to accept the job you offer. 

Filing a LMIA can be challenging. This is why Canadian employers come to us to seek assistance.

Work Permit Application

After your potential employer gives you a copy of the positive LMIA, the next thing you do as a temporary foreign worker is to apply for a work permit in Canada. Prepare all the documents you need. Provide all the information being asked. However, you must make sure that you are consistent with your information and that your papers are all complete to avoid issues from arising. To make your work permit application stress-free, get help from our expert immigration consultants.

Work Permit Extension

Always take note of the expiry date of your work permit. Apply for a work permit extension 90 days prior to expiration to avoid losing your status. Let us assist you in this matter.

Restoration of Status

You lose your status when you fail to extend your work permit. You can file for restoration of status 90 days from the date you lose your status. However, you still need to check your eligibility. Applying for the restoration of status can be challenging. Speak with our professional immigration consultants now.

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